Friday, September 10, 2010

Sexy Hot Egyptian Women - Egyptian in See Through Top

Sexy Hot Egyptian Women - See Through Top

Sexy Hot Egyptian Women - See Through Top

Here, we have a picture of a sexy Egyptian girl in a see through top. OK, not the sexiest of girls if you go by her face, but the fact that she’s wearing a see-through top gets major points with me. Also, from the looks of her hair and sunglasses, I believe that this girl is aspiring to be more than she is. She is trying to be stylish, but the hair and clothes are not "designer".

OK, looking at her body, she is a bit of a thicker girl, but she does have a really nice set of big breasts which you can see quite clearly in this picture. The other thing that this girl has is that she’s simply young. I think it was Bill Maher who said that a girl can be all kinds of ugly if she’s young. Just the ability to touch a young woman’s body is worth any of the imperfections. One thing that’s really nice on this girl’s face are her lips. She has some nice full lips. I’m sure she knows how to use them too.

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